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Bay Meadows, Co.Dublin

Updated: Feb 12

Bay Meadows is a new development of 183 family homes located in Hollystown Dublin. There is a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses. These homes have been specifically designed with the needs of a modern family in mind. These homes are exceptional ‘A’ rated homes.

Arriving on site we erected the roof of these homes first at ground level to comply with health and safety regulations on-site and for the safety of our crew. Following on from this we brought in the crane and erected the timber frame of the ground floor and then installed any load baring walls.

We dropped on floor panels and erected the first floor of the house, we then drop on the roof. This can vary slightly depending on house sizes/types. While erecting the block of houses we ensure that all party walls are fireproofed to the current specs and regulations.

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